Just lost my work for the day. Auto save not working?

I just spent a couple hours creating and editing a cubase instrument track. Cubase crashed and the “backup” file created does not have the work I did on it. It’s gone.

I would simply recreate the track but I can’t. I had created it by grabbing a single short performance and then manipulated it extensively with effect inserts. No way in Walmart(Hell) that I am going to be able to recreate. It was pretty much an epic glorious piece.


Any help?

It appears my auto save is set to every minute…so what gives? Does auto-save not save instrument track info?

I am now depressed…I wasn’t depressed at all until now.



sorry about your loss of work but i would recommend never using auto save. i have seen posts on the previous forum with users experiencing similar issues; where they have been relying on the auto save feature but suddenly lose and entire project because the saving process has somehow corrupted the only file they have. or they have done an entire body of work on a project and the backup version is from a couple days before and the auto save has corrupted the current version.

what i do is incrementally save ie my song 1 … my song 1 b etc and after major changes then my song 2 etc

this creates a lot more files within your project folder but if any project file happens to get corrupted you can go back to the previous save and you have not lost a huge body of work

sorry once again i dont have any ideas on recovering your project perhaps steinberg support does

Are you sure you are looking at the right backup file?

How many .bak files were there? There should be the same number as is specified in the prefs dialog where you activate it. If not, it might be elsewhere.

Did you search your file system for all files with the suffix “.bak” and open them to see what is inside? (if needed change the suffix to .cpr)

The autosave works great, it is awesome, I would never, ever work with it turned off. I have used it many times, and since Cubase 5 have had no such corruption issue as phidelity reports that others reported. Auto save is meant as a backup, not your primary means of saving.

I also have hourly and daily backups of my whole system due to using Time Machine on Mac, to me operating without such a scheme in place is a simple recipe for disaster.

Sorry for the pedantic tone of this post, but backing up and saving is the abecedaire of using computers, the primary thing, the number 1 thing to learn, the baby step of baby steps, the holy grail of keeping your work safe, the zenith of bytewise wisdom…

Thank you for the responses.

I have searched all .bak and .cpr files to no avail.

This project has crashed 3 times thus there are 3 cpr’s and 5 .bak files for each of those BUT the 3rd cpr. This is the latest and I can only locate 3 .bak files. Not sure the dealio there.

So yeah…not too sure how ‘great’ autosave works for me.

Next step for me is to figure out why my projects crash. Happens sometimes when I use the cut tool and happens other times while tracking(not sure why).


Sorry to hear it.

If i were in that pickle I would move the program prefs directory and let Cubase start anew, then move back my key command files and other user-saved prefs after things are running okay again.