Just noticed this feature and I LOVE it!!

Now you can see waveforms/MIDI data behind automation lanes. PERFECT!!

When was this added? (or has it always been there…?)

I originally thought it would be cool if Steinberg would overlay automation lanes on top of the track, but this works beautifully. :smiley:

What you’ve posted looks more like an alteration to this audio event’s envelope for volume. If so, this is not automation for the channel volume of this track.

I don’t remember- it’s been around for a while though. Cubase 4? 5?

Yeah, I like it better too, Digital Performer lets you see all automation on the waveform, but how many automation lines can you focus on at one time?

This feature is hidden in the Automation Panel>prefs and is off by default.

@Robert if you look closely you’ll see it’s an automation lane, the audio track above it is one row (or less) high.

Ah! Thanks for clarifying Steve.

hoo… its been a while now… its nice to have the image under the automation lanes ! :sunglasses:

Ahh that explains why I’m barely now finding out about it, I rarely use the automation panel. I must’ve enabled it at some point not knowing what it did.

Edit: For anyone who doesn’t already know about this, it’s the “Show Data on Tracks” option in the Automation Panel when you click on the tiny gear icon.

Funny how some people prefer having all their automation in one lane. Coming from Sonar, which has All automation on the same lane, I personally find the way Cubase does it MUCH better and intuitive.

Well I never wanted all the automation on one lane, I just wanted it overlayed on top of the clip so I can easily match my automation curve to the audio/MIDI.

I know. I wasn’t referring to you Arc.

My comment was more of a response to what Steve said earlier about Digital Performer. It wasn’t addressed to anyone really :wink:



Why is this turned off by default anyway? Who the hell does not want this feature? Maybe for performance reasons?

I agree this should be ‘on’ by default.

Thanks to the OP for pointing this out, I never knew either.

Then again I’ve only been using Cubase/Nuendo for 25 years!


I believe this is because it used to be far less ‘mature’. I seem to recall trying to work with this in Cubase 4 (the lines weres blue?) and it was maddening… sometimes you couldn’t even delete a curve if you changed yer mind.

Thanks. I’ll have to give it a fresh look. Appears MUCH nicer.


I’ve missed this feature since I moved to Cubase from Pro Tools…glad to finally find it here, thanks!

Has anyone noticed the new handles that appear when you mouseover the plugins (Insert, select & preset) and sends? Or am I late to the game? I don’t remember seeing this in 7.0.4?!

Nice feature. Seems weird that is “off” by default.

Has anyone noticed the new handles that appear when you mouseover the plugins (Insert, select & preset) and sends? Or am I late to the game? I don’t remember seeing this in 7.0.4?!

its from 7.05 update

Kool…I remember that I kept feeling that something’s were missing each time I went to charge a plugin.

Actually, I’m finding more itsy-bitsy improvements in 0.5 that were never listed… Glad to see them, thanks Steinberg! :smiley:

Yeah, I never knew about this either. Thanks to OP for pointing it out. :smiley:

It should be mentioned, that Cubase automation is not sample accurate !
Depending on the project/system latency, it can be off, noticeably.
So the wave/midi visualization can only be seen as a coarse ‘aiming aid’ …



But (unless I’m missing something)

It drops another track into view and shows the data over this, which defeats the screen space saving that could have been achieved by showing the data over the source track? If that’s what the user wants by ticking that box?