Just ordered C6.5 Update from 5...want to start fresh

Hi all-

I’ve been out of the game for about a year and a half (new city, new job distractions) and I just ordered the C6.5 update. I had been running C5 on an i7 2.67GHz 64bit OS with 12GB RAM.

I want to use the same machine but basically wipe it clean so it’s like I’m starting with a blank canvas. I had various iterations of C5 64, C5 32, JBridge, all sorts of plugs, and compatibility issues, projects that can’t open etc and everytime I boot up it searches for all sorts of stuff that are either outdated, expired, etc. I just want to start fresh using the same hardware.

Should I just save my old sessions (with all samples) on DVD and then reinstall windows 7?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!!!

Also, are most plugs 64 bit these days? And if not does the vst bridge work?

I’d prefer to use 64 bit cubase and use the vst bridge for any plugs (nexus) that aren’t 64bit yet. I was using jbridge but I’d rather use the native vst bridge if possible.

Any help greatly appreciated.