Just purchased C6 and updates question ....

Hi all,

Well, broke down and purchased Cubase 6 mostly because of the new folders option amongst other enhancements to the software. Haven’t recieved my order yet but curious if I need to install all the updates to get to the 6.04 hot fix. I’m assuming I will need to do install the 6.02 upgrade 1st or does my order include all the updates to the most recent version when I install it?



just go for 6.0.3. Don’t install 6.0.4 in case you don’t need it as it’s an unsupported hotfix update.

Once you have installed the main program any update will install without requiring the earlier updates.

Thanks for the reply guys. This is what I kinda expected. The reason I mentioned update 6.02 is it seems, from reading all the posts, that version 6.03 has some flaws in it and that some folks rolled back to version 6.02.

Anyhoo … it’s scheduled to arrive today so here’s to a seemless installation :slight_smile:

Good luck Gabe :smiley:

Dave !!!

Good to see you here my friend! I’ll give you some feedback on C6 next time we talk :slight_smile:

Always my best