Just purchased Padshop Pro, installer does not work on Mac

So far Steinberg/ Cubase has been a nighmare regarding getting it insalled and using it on a Mac.
I just got the update to Artist and Padshop Pro (mainly because I want Padshop), but the installer I received says I have too low OSX version, but I have current version of Yosemite.

Can I return my whole purchase? I think Mac and Steinberg does not really go together well. Or is there any way to get Padshop Pro installed * NOW * not in a few months when Steinberg becomes aware of Yosemite?

Also, the support is non-existent, tickets are ignored and in the forum there is not official support it looks like, also a major problem with Steinberg products. Nightmare really.

I found a download that at least installed the trial on Mac Yosemite (btw. Padshop is exactly as awsome as I had hoped for it to be), but really, how hard can it possibly be to send to the customer correct download links?

And for how long does one have to wait for help with a technical problem? I totally gave up on the midi recording issue for now, just wasted time.

Hey there…

I have the same issue here. I have just bought an upgrade of Padshop with the extension pack however when I tried to install it on my mac it gave me an error message that I need to have at least MAC OS X 10.5.0. Actually I have the latest Yosemite OS X

Is it even possible to install in on Yosemite? Please advise, guys… I was really looking forward to have some fun with it but now I am a bit disappointed.


Hey again :slight_smile:

I found this link very useful and actually it solved the issue:

Steinberg Application Installer Tool for Yosemite will do the trick