Just purchased upgrade/unable to download

I am pulling my hair out, what little I have left. I have just purchased the upgrade from Cubase 8 Elements to Cubase 9.5 Elements. All seemed to go well until I got to the point of downloading the software. I have tried everything and it gets hung up at about the 1.59GB point where I get a “download Failed” " try again later" I have looked through numerous posts and tried everything I can think of. The product shows on my E-licenser as being activated. My AV and firewall are disabled. And I just can’t get it.
I have neer had a problem updating or even downloading trial versions of sound sets. I have a fibre optic line to my house with 300mbs internet connection. So speed shouldn’t be an issue. I’m fairly computer savvy, and am usually able to troubleshoot most issues. But this has got me stumped.
I must be missing something. Like I said I’ve downloaded from Steinberg many times without issue.
Any ideas as to what I’m missing, or should I just give up and stick with Cubase8 Elements. NO issues with that. Is it an easy process to get a refund.

This is not what I had in mind when I decided to go ahead and upgrade. I just want to make music, not troubleshoot a product I’ve paid for and have now wasted many hours trying to figure it out.


Have you tried using the Steinberg Download Assistant?

Yes I have tried a few different mangers. Support even sent a direct link that seems to go quite well. But at 99% complete, it fails and I get “Remote sErver Closed Connecrtion” message. I hope it is just the servers are bogged down with traffic. May have to wait a day and see what happens.

Maybe try at an odd time when most people are asleep or working… quite the tease at 99%

Did you specifically use the one he asked about? Steinberg Download Assistant?

If it’s the Steinberg Download Assistant it will not need to start again if you’ve got to 99%. As Steve suggests above, this is not just any download manager but the package that Steinberg use these days to download their software.