Just realized ..my midi piano is out of key. Fixable?

How can I check to see if a vst piano is in tune? (lol). I always thought it sounded a little weird, but wasn’t sure. Today for the first time I played a youtube video of someone playing piano and tried to play along. The keys he was hitting didn’t sound the same as mine. I had to hit a key one note lower than he was playing to get it to match. (he played the first black note of the three blacks together. I had to play the white note that came right to the left of it) And even then, some keys didn’t sound right. I youtubed other videos and they were the same too. So I have come to the conclusion mine is one note higher than it should.

Is there any way to fix this in Cubase? I have two pianos and both sound the same (one resets after every power off), so I think it’s in cubase.

ps: Sorry for the ametuer terms. Just started playing piano a year ago and bought this keyboard this year. I have already scored music!

Actually, online videos are not the best source to check the tuning.
I wonder how your piano pitch compares to this virtual tuning fork: http://www.onlinetuningfork.com/

Hi- you should be able to adjust the tuning in your VST piano in the setup panel of the VST to practically anything you want. Knowing which VST(s) they are would help. :bulb: should be set to 440 for nornal use

… and Cubase includes a Tuner plugin (in the “Tools” VST subfolder).

However, this business about being “off” by a semitone (btw, is it exactly a semitone?) makes me wonder if there is a sample rate mismatch somewhere (a mismatch between 44.1kHz and 48 kHz will sound approximately 1 semitone off).

or the keyboard itself is transposed by accident.