Just to Say Hello

Hi Loungers!

Just calling to say I’m happy the Mountain people have finally let me in to lounge around with you guys. Woo-hooo!

Did you get the instructions for the forum special dance? You have to dance round the mountain.
And video it.

I must have had the non USA registration form! :wink: :laughing: None of that stuff here… just out of pocket!

Well hello, haven’t talked to you for ? :laughing:

Glad you seem to have found your way around finally !

Well, thanks!

I see by your sig, you may be a Mountain people too … :smiley:

Not a mountain, but do volcanos count?

(only to ten mudhead)


Hello from near the Laurentians in North Eastern Ontario and North Western Quebec!

A volcano is just a mountain with attitude! :stuck_out_tongue: