Just too hard to use

I am new to the audio recording world. I have used cooledit pro a very long time ago and now since I have got the new Steinberg ur22c, I am trying to use Cubase.

The software is too confusing to use and sometimes there is sound in my audio export while sometimes there isn’t any sound. The effect sometimes turns on while sometimes they are gone.

Just trying to release my stress and trying to understand what is happening in the software. I couldn’t even…

Cubase is complex. I would look for some online courses to get you going. If you’re not experienced in another DAW already, it’s hard to grasp some of the concepts and features by yourself.

I’ve had the same experience trying to use advanced photo and video editing software from scratch.


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What @RichardTownsend said is true.
At the time of Cool Edit, Cubase was already a lot more advanced. I was there too.

Today, Cubase is a very top notch DAW. And naturally very complex.

I would suggest you to give the Manual some reading, along with online tutorials. You will soon get confortable with it


Opening Cubase armed with only CoolEdit Pro knowledge is a lot like stepping into Abbey Road Studios after having experience with only a cassette tape recorder.

As @RichardTownsend suggested, there’s no way around getting to build up the basic knowledge about

  • what gear a full professional studio environment contains,
  • what each piece of machinery is designed to do,
  • when and why you want to use a particular piece of equipment,
  • how to use each piece of equipment,
  • how the many pieces of are permanently wired together,
  • and what different wiring you need to do yourself, depending on the kind of recording session you’re undertaking

Because Cubase is like having a full professional studio environment in software. :slight_smile:


The truth is learning a DAW is similar in effort to learning a musical instrument.

If you have specific questions and post them here, folks will be happy to offer advice.

Take a look at the Cubase YouTube channel

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Hi @wai_chung_lau !

As usual, raino has spot on advice, in this case re: the vids.

Maybe the best ones to look at first are the “Getting Started” ones in the “How To” collection.

Even if the Cubase version they are talking about doesn’t match yours, I think they might be a great help nonetheless.

Also, in youtube, searching “Cubase for beginners” brings up a few promising-looking vids, even one for Cubase 11. I haven’t listened to them, so can’t vouch for their quality, or even accuracy (!), but i bet they’re pretty good to get you started.

Also, I’ve heard a bunch of folks say they got a lot out of this tutorial series, Cubase 11 101: Cubase 11 101 - Beginners Guide to Cubase 11 - Introduction - YouTube (might not be free?).

Finally, folks are usually very friendly about helping those in need here, so don’t be shy.

Happy tunes!

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It does take time to get to know Cubase like any other daw. It gets easier and more fun as you learn new things.

As others have said You Tube is really useful
Here are some of my favourite channels.
“Cubase” - look for some of the beginners videos.
“Music Tech Tuition”
“Jeff Gibbons” has a good Intro to Cubase series
“Frank Rapke” has some great videos on keyboard shortcuts amongst others and I find that his videos are paced really well.

All the best

Start learning the very basics of recording and editing first. Familiarize yourself with shortcut keys and everything that can enhance your workflow during recording and editing so you can step through this effortlessly. Don’t try to understand everything you see and can open in Cubase. Try to focus on what it exactly is you want to achive and focus on the skills you need to develope to achieve this. Don’t let yourself get distracted and discouraged by the though you are missing out on all these other advanced features you don’t understand yet. I’ve used Cubase for decades and there are still a lot of things I have yet to fully understand and master. And that’s mainly because I don’t really need these to achieve what I want. Always remember, the goal is not to understand everything that Cubase has to offer. Cubase is a tool to help you achieve your creative goals and IMO the best in this area. If you can do this and feel comfortable working with it you know you’ve arrived where you want to be. And there is still more than enough opertunity in Cubase to broaden your horizon of skills even further if you feel the need.
And like said before by others here, Cubase has a very steep learing curve so visit YouTube and watch the various instruction videos by Steinberg and other third parties. You will also have to permit yourself plenty of time to grow into it. But I can tell you from my own experience that it’s well worth the time and effort.

Hang in there. Trust me, you’re not alone. I have some history with Cubase but it still confuses the heck out of me. I’m just a weekend warrior and play around with it for my own enjoyment. I’d say I only understand about 30% of what it does and how to use it. You will need to invest some time. I usually just start a song and when I get to something I’d like to do and don’t know how to do it I just do a search, maybe ask a few questions here and proceed. I may spend 2-3 hours just trying to figure out how a particular function that I need works. But in the end you’ll really feel like you’ve accomplished something. Hang in there.

Excellent advice

I think there are a few different versions and although the layout looks similar, the steps are quite different…?