Just trying Cubase iC Pro...

I’ve just finished building a Vocal/Drum booth and now need to be able to record myself when nobody is around. Obviously Cubase iCPro came to mind. I’ve just downloaded the trial on my Android phone to see what it is like and I love it! So useful!

If I buy it on Android, does it mean I will have the license on my Dongle so I can use iC Pro on an Apple iPad? I want to buy an iPad soon and just wondered if I would have to pay for iC Pro again!

Also, if anyone could give me any tips on workflow and using the iC Pro app that would be grand. At the minute I am thinking that when I record Vocal takes (for example), I should pre set up a few channels (with correct routing from audio interface) in my control room and then when I go into my live room, record onto one channel and when happy with the take simply mute that channel and then select the next (and so on).

Cubase just gets better and better!


Hi Jono,
As the apple and Android licensing are completely different, you don’t have the choice but to purchase the 2 of them separately. iOS version is based on the purchase made through your apple account in the app store and the Android one is bought directly from Steinberg thus the eLicenser activation.

Ahh ok. This makes sense as I can’t find a Try option for Apple. Nevermind. Its not a bank busting amount of Money! I’m looking at videos of iC Pro and there seems to be many more options on screen of an iPad rather than on an Android phone. Obviously the tiny screen size must have something to do with this. Thanks for your help APT


Works great on iPad! -Love not having to use a laptop for this purpose anymore (no more noisy fans!)

Hi Jono

I have both the Android and the Apple version and they both work fine, EXCEPT, in the Android version if I save a template for the Key Commands page( I made a lot of changes) it keeps “forgetting” what I’ve saved when I turn the Android tablet off. Maybe it’s just a crap tablet (a Mecer I bought just for this purpose) but it is something to check up on. The Apple one works flawlessly. Overall it’s a very good app on both platforms, I use it a lot.

Best Regards


I own an iPhone, but have had the immense pressure of using IC Pro On iPad. It didn’t have any more options that I could see, but it can display two of the modules at once!

OT: My favorite use? Installing IC on a client’s phone, and letting them mix their own headphone cue levels!

^ That’s just so great, especially for making people feel like they are more involved in the recording process and in control! Although I actually don’t monitor through Cubase’s Control Room because I use a MOTU HD192 and it has it’s own DSP near Zero Latency free monitoring via Motu’s Cuemix so will try the same thing out but with the Motu App in conjunction with iC Pro!

I really want to get an iPad now. I have all of the CMCs (except for the FD - I see no point in it as it doesn’t show what channels each fader is, no Pan pot and no scribble strip etc - I could go on) and think an iPad would be an amazing addition to workflow. Be it from using it for Macros (a massive extension from using the CMC-PD), a Mixer and obviously taking into my live room and being able to record myself when no one is around. A good investment.

Yeah, definitely. It gives the client some involvement (as well as cuts me some slack on constantly adjusting cue levels!) It’s also a real talking (and therefore selling) point for the Studio as a business.

Motu has an app to remote control the interface mixer software?! Hell yeah. That’d be awesome.

To get around the latency, I always bounce down my projects to straight audio for vocal tracking. Then I can use lowest latency and still use a couple FX for the client. And they can use IC!

Yeah. IPad is high on my wishlist. You know what’d be even better for controlling Cubase (and is the future of DAW mixing, imho)? Touch screen monitors. My buddy got his son a Dell with a huge touch screen, so I installed Cubase and played with it. I’m just waiting for the prices to chime in line and for a Mac-friendly monitor and that’s it–I’m set!

I was looking at a Touch Screen Monitor the other day. I was thinking how great it would be to just simply draw in Automation. I wonder, does using iC Pro and an iPad allow you to draw in Automation with your finger? I’m going to hold back until the technology gets better and cheaper. The newest bit of gear I’m looking at is Native Instruments Kontrol S61 Keyboard (but that’s for a whole different thread)!

Touch screen monitors need support from the OS, which is lacking in OSX.

However, to allow large touch screens to be used, Cubase needs to mask non-control areas (like between sliders and at each end of them) from responding to touches, so at least one has somewhere to pivot with one’s fingers when trying to fine adjust controls. Otherwise, one’s arms get tired very quickly and accuracy is difficult without such support.

See how long you could operate a hardware mixer if you could only touch the controls to move them and nowhere else.

Like I said, I tried it. There were obvious limitations, just as you say, but I would still go for it right now, if the monitor was reasonably priced.

There are a few monitors that work with OS X already. One, from Samsung is getting lower in price every month.

I have two Dell ST2340T FHD 23.5" touchscreens, one of which I use for a fullscreen mixconsole with the channels , groups, output and Control Room, while the other has a small mixconsole for the inputs, and all the other miscellaneous Cubase windows. These are one either side of the desk and sloped at 40o to the horizontal.

Personally, I would like every monitor to have touch, even the main vertical one, as for the occasional adjustment or gestures to scroll, pinch, etc, reaching out with a finger is a lot faster and simpler, and less disruptive to workflow, than grabbing a mouse, etc, especially with an instrument in hand.

Out of interest, Is there anyway of changing the time to Bars and Beats (on the Phone)? Can’t seem to change it.

Sounds great! What resolution are the monitors?

1920x1080 Full HD.

I’m going to buy 2 x 2.5k Screens (maybe a 3rd later). Really want the extra screen real estate. I currently use a Pc but if I could find any screens that are as decent as the Apple Thunderbolt Displays I would be very happy!

Yeah. You have to make sure you’ve got a secondary time base setup in the Transport in Cubase. Then, tapping on the time display in IC will change the time base back and forth between primary and secondary.

Or, just use a special glove that does the palm-rejection for you, while also making it easier to slide across the display, as well as keeping it clean. Well, that’s the theory, I don’t own these: XP-Pen Drawing Anti-fouling Lycra Graphics Two-Finger Glove.