Just updated 10.0.5 and certain channels no longer support plug-ins


This is my first issue post on the forums and I didn’t see anything like this. I just downloaded 10.0.5 and am Running Windows 10. When I opened up my project file some plug-ins were grayed out.

As you can see the plug-ins in the Drum channel and the Stereo Out channels are grayed out. The SSL plug-ins are working in all the other channels, except the drums. If I try to load up other instances then it just immediately grays them out. The Lursson Mastering seems to work in other channels as well if it’s not in the Stereo Out

I could just create a new Drum group and drag my plug-ins over I believe, but I can’t seem to do that with the Stereo Channel.

I’ve tried re-installing the Lursson Mastering plug-in and I’ve tried refreshing the Plug-in list in the VST Manager, but nothing seems to work. It was working yesterday and all I’ve done is run a windows update and update cubase since then.

Any help would be appreciated.


Is it the same issue as it is described here, please? If yes, could you continue in the other thread and replay my question there, please?

Hi, I have just the same problem! I reinstalled everything (except Windows) but it has no sense. The plugins are grey and it’s still impossible to do anything with them. If I make a new track in that project and try to load one of the plugins (for example Steinberg Compressor) it loads as grayed… How can I download 10.0.40? Or is there any other way to solve this?


The current expectation is, Cubase enabled Constrain Delay Compensation in the project for some reason. Disable it.

Does it help?