Just upgraded Cubase 10.5 with Grove Agent 5 but only have SE kits

Hi, Yesterday I bought Groove Agent 5 to upgrade the GA 5 SE that comes with Cubase Artist. However having installed it I seem to only have the same SE kits that I had before. I’d previously bought Blues Essentials. The ones listed in my library are Blues Essentials, Studio SE, The Kit SE, Laser Beams, Production Grooves, Beat Agent (Rock Pop toolbox), Beat Agent SE Kits. I was expecting more, Am I missing some kits?

In addition although I can use the 10 Blue Essential SE bits in Cubase Artist, if I pick the Groove Agent 5 plugin and select any of those which don’t say SE, which I assume means they’re the full version equivalents, they load with an error or don’t make any sound. Those that fail to load such as Cowboy Shuffle I get a Groove Agent dialog box saying Find Missing Samples… The top section says “Missing sound archive (double click to register) e.g., LDW-China-Stick-Hi-Choke-none-Cise_01.tg3c)” I have no idea what to do. Those that do load, such as Jazz Shuffle appear to load without error which I notice are using the Beat Agent but don’t make any sound… wrong kit? If I select the ones saying SE, such as Jazz Shuffle SE, they load using the Acoustic Agent SE kit. It feels like I’m missing a content that should have been installed with Groove Agent 5.

I’ve also tried loading Groove Agent 5 as a stand alone product (not via Cubase 5.5) but I still get these errors, although even ones like Jazz Shuffle fail to load with the missing sound archive message.

After I bought it, I registered GA5 with my USB eLicenser. I had to download the Steinberg Download Assistant (I already had it) however, Groove Agent 5 doesn’t appear as an option to download! So I had to download it and install it separately from the Steinberg site. If I’m missing content from https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/content_and_accessories/sound_content_downloads.html please can someone tell me what comes with GA5? Until I get this working I won’t be buying any more Expansions.

I’m sure the literature implied that with Groove Agent 5 provided some different kits over the SE version that comes with Cubase Artist. Can anyone advise? I’ve spent my weekend troubleshooting Cubase instead of making music.

Look in Steinberg Download Manager under VST Instruments & Plug-ins.