Just upgraded to 10.5 pro - Can I download previous version?

Been happily using Windows 7 & Cubase 5 for years, updated to Win10 cos it’s free and it’s lockdown, then had to install a beta driver for my audio card, which irrepairable killed Windows 10. So, Backed up files, clean install of everything, so I upgraded to 10.5 just to be sure that everything on my PC is now Windows 10 compatible. Gutted I missed out on 40% discount last month, I didn’t even know about it! :cry:

Anyway, since everything I’ve done is in Cubase 5 (some older projects in SX2 & SX3), which is the last version of Cubase that will open Cubase 5 projects? My Cubase 5 installation disc will install on Windows 10, but if there’s a newer version I can use for those projects that will just open and run them, I guess that will be better.

yes, no problem. The clue is your license. Every version below your license number can be used and installed seperatly. (it will make it’s own folder in program files/steinberg. I f.e. use versions from v6 up to 10.5 just for convenience and usage of some of the older 32 bit plugins.
proper organisation of your plugins is adviced since this makes things much easier to control an access.

Thanks roel,

Do you know which version was the last one that will directly open a Cubase 5 project file without any changes having to be made?


I was able to open my Cubase 5 projects with Cubase 8 and I think with Cubase 9.
I started running into problems when I upgraded to Cubase 10.5. Suddenly I started having problems with projects made in Cubase 9.0

Cubase 10.5

Haha yes! Well, you’re right, it is opening them no problem. I just wonder for example in some projects where I have FX sends set up, that works differently in 10.5.

But anyway, I’ve only had it for a day and I’m still installing all my other stuff, so I guess I’ll cross that bridge if & when it comes. Thanks for the replies.

I don’t believe it! Another 40% discount. I just missed the last one, so paid the full price, now it’s discounted again. :confused:

if you buy a trousers it’s the same thing. Watch for discounts. With steinberg it’s two or three times a year, just like all companies i guess.
the question is to keep updated or not, and if you do this, it is at the lowest cost but it it will be several times a year.
but if you are happy with what you have, just leave it. It will just do the thing you want it to do.
but, f.e., at a certain moment sampler tracks were introduced witch almost replaced old scool samplers. That was an important thing for me to upgrade, so i did.
That being said, before corona, i was also able to upgrade stuff with no problems due to some sort of income.
That’s an important one for many people.
Decide what is important and what is possible.

For me, i hope things will be the same reality as before in 2021 again, but we’ll see.
Steinberg for it’s part will still be inventing and introduce things that actually get people convinced to buy it over and over again.
For upgraded people this will be at lower cost, for jumpers at a highter cost.
That’s a normal market.
We all had to learn that one.

kind regards,