Just upgraded to 6.5, Anywhere to download?

Hey ive just uprgaded to 6.5 and they give only a boxed version option, is there no link to download the installer? Also how do i get the new license on to my current license key?

Thanks guys!

You will need to wait your license (comes in the box).

But, I think it is possible to ask for a 6.5 demo (inside my steinberg), and run it until you receive your upgrade box. But I’m not sure about that.

Yea i guess it be cool to have it installed anyways… So a new license key comes with the upgrade? They should have so you just need to update your current key.


Yes, would be great receive only the code by e-mail, but unfortunately, upgrade code is inside the box you ordered. But I think you can ask for a demo (using a demo code generated by Steinberg).

The upgrade from C6 to C6.5 is a download, but you don’t say which version you upgraded from.

I think he is upgrading from Cubase 4 or 5. Maybe he bought a box like this one:


Yea i am upgrading from 5 i purchased directly from the steinberg site. :slight_smile: