Just upgraded to C13 Pro - re; track coloring and naming (resolved)

I just posted about the mix console popout window not working properly. Now I’ve found another issue within minutes of that earlier one. Ugh.

I’m finding that the coloring of tracks is unreliable in the track view, and also the naming of the events — double clicking won’t work.

From what I understand, you click on option on a mac and choose the color you desire. In my track view, the event changes color but not the track, although it did work before — must have touched something accidentally to make it work.

The click to rename the event feature doesn’t work either. Unless I’ve misunderstood that it’s not a feature yet…

Mac Pro, 28 GB RAM running Monterey.

Here’s the animated gif. Hopefully it’s self-explanatory.



No. This way, you set the color of the selected object. So if any Audio/MIDI Evant/Part is selected, you set the color of the selected Audio/MIDI Evant/Part. Make sure, no Audio/MIDI Evant/Part is selected, please.

You know you’re in trouble when you begin a post with “No”. :smiley:

Before I forget: aren’t we supposed to be able to change the name of the event by clicking on it now? (as in Studio One). I tried, but it’s not working for me. Maybe I’m clicking wrong. Anyway…

Here are two screen captures of what I can achieve by option-clicking the track in the main track view. Without highlighting the events, the entire track and contents change color. When an event is selected, the event changes color.

Also, when I select all events in all tracks and assign from one track, all colors change. So many options…

In Cubase 12:

In Cubase 13:

I noticed yesterday that ch13 wasn’t working as reliably as C12 in that regard. Maybe there wasn’t enough gas in the fuel line to start it up properly. Today it seems to be acting better.

Anyway, I’m from Studio One and a lot of times, because the programs are so similar with their commands, etc., I opt for an intuitive learning approach rather than always reaching for the manual — which can be confusing for a visual learner if there are no associated images as well.

But I did learn about the option click thing on a Youtube video somewhere, which is why I used it in C12. But since I’m working on music, I still have to catch up to my academic study of the Cubase software itself.


The Alt+click works as expected here on my side. It changes the track’s color and also the trac’s Events/Parts color (if they don’t own another color).

It’s possible that I’ve got too much Studio One on my brain and am trying to convert Cubase to my belief system. :slight_smile:

What about the naming of events by clicking on them? Does that work for you?


No, it never worked like this in Cubase. You have to change the name in the Info Line.

I saw a video recently where they showed that renaming events on the event was now an option - I remember it well because they talked about having to go to the top left “name” area (info line) and now it’s easier.

It’s a small detail and can probably be missed with a new release. But I know what I saw…it couldn’t have been a dream. :slight_smile: The problem is that it doesn’t seem to be working. I think I saw it on Club Cubase, just after the release.

Ctrl+Right+Click on the Event or Part and select the Rename function.

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Thanks. That appears to be the procedure I saw on the video. Information overload and with being from the Studio One side, I probably thought that clicking on the event was now also possible. Nope. Menu choice. Still, it’s good to have choices.

Come to think of it, renaming in the infoline would seem to be faster. They should have opted for the click event command.

Do you see a command called Rename Selected Events in the Key Command Dialog?

Well the menu is opened by Ctrl+clicking on the Event. Pretty sure if they tried changing the behavior of click once to select the Event, or Double+click to open an Editor there would be a riot in Cubase-landia.

Hi Steve, this one:

So no to –

There is a key command — three of them that I see.

So the sky’s the limit for renaming events.

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Life is good. :slight_smile:


I dread moving from DAW to DAW with all these key commands in my head. The one thing I’m glad about is that S1 and C12-13 share many of the same commands so I don’t have to rewire my brain again. Have to find one for rename.

When I have to use Digital Performer for anything, I go into convulsions.