just upgraded to Nuendo5

I have a hard drive with a huge collection of samples all tagged in N4 mediabay.
In N5 mediabay it seems that I have to rescan all the hard drive. It sees no files in it.
It was a lot of work in N4 to tag everything. I hope I don’t have to do it all over again.
I noticed that the mediabay file from N4 preferences is already into N5 preferences. There is also a mediabay3 file in N5. When I moved from Cubase4 to N4 I just copied the mediabay file in N4 preferences and that was it.
Is there a solution to this problem? Probably I am just missing somethingvery simple here. :blush:
Please help!

Your tags should still be there, since they are written into the files.
So, just rescan your database and you should be fine.


It works exactly like that. And it is much faster than N4
Thanks Fredo for the super quick reply.