Just Want to Download and Install the Software I Paid For

I bought Cubase Elements 9 - shortly thereafter I had a flood in my home and had to renovate my studio area - it was several months before I got my workstation etc. up and running.

Now I cannot download the software I paid for! My downloads page says “No downloads available”; I assume my download has expired or some such ridiculous thing (I bought it, so not sure why it should ever “expire”).

I submitted a support ticket 5 days ago, and have followed up twice with no response.

I would really really just like to download, install, and use the software which I have PAID FOR.

The entire thing is pathetic. Why does the download expire? Given that it expires, why do I have to wait for God knows how long just to be provided with a new download - I assume this involves the click of a button from someone at Steinberg (these people must be VERY VERY BUSY!)

I have used Cubase for years - this experience is nearly enough for me to jump ship entirely - it certainly dissuades me from my original plan of upgrading from Elements after a time…

Please please please just let me download the software that I have paid for…I feel like I should be charging interest on the loan I have to Steinberg at this point…

Hi and welcome,

Have you registered your Cubase Elements to your MySteinberg account?

The download links in your MySteinberg don’t expire, they’ll show up there if you registered Cubase like it told you to.

It sounds like you’re looking at your Steinberg Shop account which is something completely different.

Yup, it was Steinberg Shop - managed to find the MySteinberg login and reactivate.

I’m now having other issues, but at least the software is installed…

Thanks folks

I need to receive an activation email to mysteinberg.net to download my software for my UR22mkII i purchased. I havent received anything in 2 days. PLEASE ADVISE!

Hi and welcome,

Please check your Spam folder. Might happen the mail ended up there.

Might happen your internet provider blocks the automatically generated Steinberg email. In this case contact official Steinberg support, please.