Just want to give a shout out of thanks!

I just wanted to send a THANK YOU to the Steinberg folks for making such a great piece of software! I know that it may seem like we are always complaining because there are always little bugs and things that impede our workflow, but man…I am so glad I made the switch back to Cubase! I’m knee deep in my next 100+ track production and I’m just thinking about what a cluster*&^% other DAWs used to be for me with big projects. Sure, Cubase occasionally crashes and there are always little issues, but it is so great to be able to do a lot of my production now just on a laptop before moving the whole thing to the studio computer for mixing. Cheers!

Just to add, I can manage my 100 track projects on 1x 17inch monitor as well. Not sure if I have just got used to it
but I manage to make it work without too much fuss.

If you switch to Win10 the crashes will vanish too.
C9 on MacOS v/s win10 is night and day for stability and performance.

Agreed… Cubase gets better and better with each new version. Thank you Mr. Steinberg :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

The more I use and learn to use Cubase, the more I like it. Good luck with your projects and thanks for posting here on the forums. :slight_smile:

Yeah but then I’d have to deal with Windows! :laughing: Joking aside, I use mac specific software, and even if I wanted to switch back it wouldn’t be an option for me.

That’s a bummer then. But to your topic. I fully agree, have never been as productive as under V9, V8 was a big miss ASIO performance wise. V9 is killing it! ThnX Steinberg

No bummer to me. I love all my macs. :slight_smile: I became a loyal fan when my ex accidentally left my macbook pro on the roof of our car and it fell off on the highway going 75MPH. The damn thing still worked perfectly. I’d challenge any PC laptop to do that and survive. :smiley:

My 2015 mpb runs Win10 x64 haven’t booted into Sierra since.

Awesome! I’m glad you have something that works well for you! I still run Yosemite and we run El Capitan on the studio computer. Never had a need to go beyond that.