Just went N 5.1 64 bit,lexbundle is gone


anyone experienced this too ?
After installing the 64 bit version of N5.1 the lexicon reverb bundle does not work anymore…

Is there a cure for this ?


Did you install the 64bit version of the Lexicon bundle?
And most importantly, do they have a 64bit version?


Thanks for answering Fredo,

No, there isn’t a 64 bit installer !

Some weeks ago my pcm 91 quit working and I decided to purchase the lexbundle…
I have to learn the hard way now that I obviously confused the bundle’s win64 compatibility with Nuendo 64 compatibility…I feel like an idiot!!!
Guess I’ll stick to N32 for mixing and N64 for tracking…

Merry x-mas


AFAIK some 32 bit plug-ins and/or VST instruments have problems running with Nuendo (Cubase) x64 due to a VST 64 bit bridge issue.
As an alternative you can try jBridge to run you 32 bit plug-in under Nuendo x64.
If it still doesn’t work revert back to Nuendo 32 bit.


Thanks so much for this great hint, Bernard

I just installed the demo of jbridge and the lexbundle works!

Seems my perfect christmas day started right now !

Cheers, Thomas