Justification of final system that starts with system break

I think I’ve found a very minor bug and a workaround. If the last system of a flow starts with a system break, altering the justification settings for the final system seems to have no effect. The workaround is to change the justification settings before entering the system break, in which case it works just fine.

Do you mean the Only justify final system in flow when more than n % full option on the Note Spacing page of Layout Options? If so, I don’t find that to be the case: the option will take effect regardless of whether or not the final system begins with an explicit system break.

That’s curious, because I tried multiple times, both by reducing the percentage and by unchecking the check box. There must be some other factor as well.

If you want me to look into it further, I’m happy to, but you’ll need to provide the project in which you’re experiencing the problem.

Thanks. I’m against a deadline at the moment, but if I can find time when I’m done I’ll try to create a minimal example. A factor might be that there are a lot of system and frame breaks because I’m trying to recreate the layout of an old score;

I was helping a friend who’s new to Dorico with the same problem. I don’t have the file on hand, but I can say the project was a MusicXML import from Sibelius. Whenever we deleted the System Break in Engrave Mode, the first half of the measure stayed the same but the second half jumped to the next page and justified itself. Toggling said Setup Mode option on and off did nothing.