K-System Meters - User Defineable Please

Besides RME, within their fabulous Digicheck software suite, no one gets the K-System meters right, with the same level of useful simplicity. The Steinberg implementation leaves me puzzled.

In one of your next updates, plz allow the user to configure some of the Control Room Monitor meters. Specifically, the K-System meters.

In the K-System meter, the “yellow zone,” above the “zero” mark, is the all-critical RMS/Average level. It is the critical Goldilocks zone that should be visible/readable at-a-glance. In the GUI, it should be relatively large, relative to the total real estate of the meter. Not small or small 'ish. Below zero, down to minus 60 db, is not useful. This area can be whatever size.

The “red zone,” 5 db above the “yellow area,” indicates the RMS “fortissimo” level. Also critical and should be clearly delineated.

Peak level is peak level. It’s useful for one thing. Overs.

The absolute beauty of the RME K-System is the simple block colors. Green for below the zero mark, yellow for the target RMS level, red for the fortissimo. Just beautiful.

I’m going to a laptop set-up, perhaps with a different manufacturer’s interface, and am searching high and low to replace the Digicheck meters. I really have grown to completely rely on them for mix & master levels.