Kai Glenn - Late Delivery


My first album, Late Delivery, made entirely with Cubase Artist 6.5 (largely Halion Sonic SE and Groove Agent One, but a few small appearances by Retrologue, Spector, and Padshop) is now up on https://soundcloud.com/kaiglennmusic

I’m really pleased with the way it turned out, and I hope everyone else likes it.


Good sounding mixes as far as I can tell. I definitely noticed that the arpeggio on the Enduring Dark track was Padshop sounds. IMO, the arpeggio section is really a bit repetitious with not much really changing there, with similar sections in other tracks. Still I understand you are very proud of these tracks (and rightfully so) and therefore probably reluctant to change them, but maybe something to keep in mind in the future.

All in all great work! The piano player in me is wondering what kind of piano samples you used…

Ah, your ears are deceiving you my friend. There’s no Padshop on Enduring Dark anywhere. If you’re talking about the main riff, it’s a Halion program called ‘All The Lovers’, mixed with a little bit of ‘Acid Junkies’ to thicken it. Don’t suppose you can remember which Padshop program you thought it was…? Might be useful to me later if it sounds similar.

The piano on Enduring Dark, and Fork in the Road, is Halions ‘Bright Acoustic Piano’, but they’re slightly different. On Enduring Dark I’ve got the studio EQ on it, with a preset called ‘Basic Bd’. No idea what it’s actually meant to be for (I thought maybe Bd was for Bass Drum…?), but it, along with a Roomworks insert on it, seemed to bring the best out in that sound.

On Fork in the Road though it’s got reverb and delay sends (pre fader), no studio EQ preset this time, a mono to stereo insert, and it’s also going through the AmpSimulator insert (American Clean, Cabinet 2). You know how it is; whatever it takes to get the sound to work in the mix and sound the way you want it.

And thanks for the kind words. If there’s anything else you want to know about it all I still check back here every few days or so.

I believe the Padshop (possible HAlion SE) that I was thinking of was a PWM sync sound of some sort in mono mode. If they aren’t the same, it may due to the processing signal chain I put it through, like you were saying.

I have used HALion’s Bright Acoustic Piano and quickly became fed up with it. If you start another project in the future that involves piano, just send me a PM of the MIDI file and I’ll send you an unprocessed render of the Yamaha C7 grand from Steinberg’s the Grand 3 suite. It should be good enough you don’t have to put amps on it, lol. :wink: