KC for Edit Active Part


I’ve not looked in Key Commands but was wondering does anybody know the KC for Edit Active Part?

There is not a regular “tooltip” so at a glance cannot know what is currently assigned (or indeed if anything has been).

Thanks guys

But looking in the Key Commands is the way to find out.

Open the key commands dialog and enter “edit active” in the searchfield… :bulb:

Or maybe, asking someone else to do it for you might be an even more simpl way to find out… :unamused:


I checked and there is no key command.

Is this an omission on Steinberg part, are they replete in not understanding that this is an oft used function that requires a shortcut?

Anyway I think I can find my own way on this now.

Thanks for trying guys

I have a keycommand in the “Edit” Folder called “Edit Active Part Only”. It is unassigned by default.

Isn’t that what you were looking after?

Hi Bodo

Yes that’s the one, thanks for pointing me to the right place.

I’d have thought it would have been already set, guess I’ll have to look for an empty key as normally I don’t like messing with the settings and just go with what exists and use the tooltips to tell me what’s what.