KC for Editing Sends in N6

I can’t stand that drop down menu for editing an FX in the Sends. Why can’t I just double click on it the same way as the insert to open the plugin?

In any case, since the drop down menu says EDIT EFFECT, I was hoping for a KC that I could program into my MC Control or Xtra Keys to speed that process up. But I can’t find it in the KC window. Can anyone tell me what that KC is for this function?


Seriously, nobody can tell me where to look for that KC? Is there some other way I can reach that control through the Eucon protocol? I really didn’t think finding this information would be so challenging.

Not a KC, but you can assign it through generic controller. I have an akai LPD8 that I use for this specific purpose. Agreed that there should be a KC available.

How do I run the generic remote commands through the MC control? Do I have to go back and set up HUI in the Eucontoller to do that?

Not sure as I don’t have one. But I found it is only available as a midi command :frowning: Good luck.

Okay, so what’s the MIDI command!?

Value/Action: Insert 1/Edit
Flags: Toggle

See attached pic