KC to turn off plugins, not bypass... it exists!

Maybe someone already mentioned this but I just found a Key Command
that turns off a selected plugin. No need to open the plugin.
Turns it off, not a bypass.

With the mixer open and the focus on the inserts,
you can quickly navigate through all your plugins using the arrow keys.
“Control+Alt+Enter” will turn on/off the selected plugin…the one with the red outline.

Hope this helps someone.

Hadn’t thought about that. Thanks, man!


Excellent – hadn’t thought of that, either. It’s more often slower for a fast workflow than a simple mod key+click in many cases, but it’s a good workaround until we get the behavior back soon. Thanks for this.

Yea, it sucks that the focus has to be set first.
But once you are there it is pretty quick.

I found this in the manual.
One tiny little sentence that looked like it was an afterthought.

cool thanks!

If you don’t set the focus first it’s impossible for the software to know where to apply the action.
There’s no way around that…no matter what software or platform.
If you have a click event by clicking you’d set the focus so in lack of a button you’ll have to somehow select the control first…can’t blame SB on that one…


I am with you completely the new mixer is driving me up the wall …my point being you have to also be fair, there are certain things out of the control of anyone and you can’t blame steinberg that we do not have psychic software as of yet :slight_smile: