Keep getting the error: No valid license found NEED HELP

Well, in the middle of a mixing session, turned off the computer yesterday and today back in studio and:
NUENDO wont start as I keep getting the error “No valid license found. The program will quit now”.

Any help?

Have you thought about installing the latest eLicenser driver and use the “repair” function in the license center?
It has helped me in the 2 or 3 situations when I had trouble with Nuendo and License recognition.
Maybe try another USB socket, too…

Big K

I installed the last eLicenser software, changed the USB port too…

It happens on both PC (MAC or Windows7)

If the “repair” funktion in the eLicenser Center didn’t do the trick, either, there could be something wrong with the dongle ( God forbid!). Carefully cleaned the contacts, yet? ( I am really fishing in muddy waters, here… :question: )
Do you have any other licenses on the stick that do work?

Big K

is there a valid Nuendo license present?
What can you see in the LCC?


just reinstalled
eLicenser Control Center (eLC v6.3.4.2081) then my licenses appeared

DTS Encoder (demo)
Halion 3.x (demo)
Nuendo 4.x
Nuendo 5.5 Trial

Everything oK here. But them I Open Nuendo and the error appear

Nuendo 4.3.0: It frezes on the Initializing LCC
Nuendo 5.5 demo: errors and errors

One thing I notice is that if I have eLicenser open and open Nuendo them eLicenser goes blank.

After that just unistalled all elicenser software and installed it all again. Installed the eLicenser in a LapTop and put the dongle there. Move back to the main PC and everything is working again fine.

Worked for 2 days with another Nuendo dongle with N5.5 installed. now back to my dongle.