Keep left zone on editor tab when selecting regions?

I’ve run into a frustrating issue and hopefully someone can help. When opening a midi region in the lower zone, on the bottom of the left zone there is an “editor” tab which brings up all your advanced quantizing parameters, etc. However, when I select a new midi region, this defaults back to the track tab.

Is it at all possible to make it so the editor tab stays open when selecting different regions? If not, is it possible to switch to this tab via key command at least?

Step by step

  1. open a midi region in the lower zone
  2. select the “editor” tab in the bottom part of the left zone
  3. open a tab in this editor (e.g. Quantize)
  4. select a different midi region in your project view
    Result = Cubase automatically switches back to “track” view in the left zone, so you no longer have the quantize tab visible, so to continue quantizing midi I have to re-select the editor tab every time I switch midi regions.

p.s. I know a work around for this example would be to use the quantize panel instead, but I will often use the length & transpose tabs as well and there doesn’t seem to be any panel windows for these functions.


Once you select the other MIDI Part in the project window, the focus switched to the arranger part. So the Inspector shows the data of the arranger part. You have to get the focus back to the editor part to be able to show the editor inspector.