Keep losing Generic Remote settings for Akai MPK Mini 2

Does anyone know how to retain the settings for this? They will randomly disappear and reassign to random tracks.

I’m using this to mix easier with my Busses but every time it always gets messed up. Yes, I’ve exported my ideal settings and then imported them but every time I exit the window after saving and turning off learn, they get lost or assign to different knobs.

This is honestly making me consider leaving Cubase completely. I’m tired of little issues like this.

Some things are bound according to order.

I.E. If you have controls assigned to move faders on the mixing console, and change the order of tracks on your mixing desk, insert a new track, etc, it can be confusing.

If you’ve bound things to specific plugin VST parameters, again, the plugin needs to be loaded, and instance order matters.

I.E. Say you have two instances of Reverence. Then you unload one, and load it back later. You might find that controls are now bound to the wrong instance of Reverence.

It takes a little practice to use this stuff well in projects that don’t have pretty strict templates.

For track-by track stuff that is frequently changing, opt for Quick Controls instead. Use the Generic Remotes for things that are pretty static in your workflow, and set up templates for that work flow.

Don’t be afraid to use many smaller Generic Remote maps that you can stack/enable/disable as needed (set the input to NONE when you want it out of the way). Build maps on the fly as you need them for the less ‘static’ tasks that’ll rarely be in the same order/position for different projects, or project stages.


This happens in a project where I don’t change the order of anything whatsoever. I can even walk away from my computer for a few hours and come back to the Generic remote settings reassigned.

I have tried quick controls and even they stop working at certain points. I have exported my default settings then reimported them. I’ve tried every solution imaginable.

I am truly not sure why this is a happening and is making me contemplate leaving cubase for something more stable. It could even be because I’m on a mac. IDK.