Keep losing midi in on start up for a few mins

Since i updated to the latest update ive noticed that Cubase 11 is not receiving any midi notes for a few mins each time i start CB.
Windows is seeing them, all the lights are on (so Midi power is on), Cubase even sees them, it reports they are active, but there is no midi coming in. after a while it all comes to life.I dont change any settings
This is happening almost every time i start CB.

We seem to be going further and further away from a stable productive environment.

(please dont tell me to check my GPU, it has nothing to do with that).

I am not having this issue so I have no explanation for you. It seems really odd that you can see the midi signal in the CB Project and not have audio via the VSTi. Could you try creating a new VSTi channel, select your KB, select a voice and then see if that delivers audio? It might be a communication lapse with your particular VSTi? If you’ve tried this then I’ve got nothing, sorry…

Sorry, what I meant was Cubase says the keyboard is active, and allows me to select it in the inspector etc, but there is no midi signal coming in.
The midi indicator is NOT lighting up.