Keep the edited properties of an item in full score and parts

Is there a way to force Dorico to cary any edited position properties of an item in the full score over to the parts?

I am trying to place a few system text as subtitles of a piece (I do not want or need to use flows in this particular piece).
I also would like to position these subtitles above the metronome marks.
Per default Dorico moves automatically the metronome marks above any other system text (if the engraving option “Text / Avoid collisions” is used) or overlapping the system text (if the engraving option “Text / Use default position” is used) as soon as a new system text is inserted at the same bar position.
I can manually move the metronome mark and the subtitle in the full score but Dorico does not seem to keep these positions edit in the parts.

No, I’m afraid not – all edits to positions you make in Engrave mode affect only the current layout. I imagine in future we will have a way of copying these offsets (and other properties) between layouts.

Thanks for your answer.
Looking forward when this function is implemented.