Keep track name

After trying to find this in the manual (and used google to try to find an answer) I am afraid I have to ask here.

I am using Stylus RMX for adding percussion to a BFD2 drum track.

I have done a general 8-channel setup for stylus (added it as VST instrument, crated 8 audio outputs and 8 MIDI inputs). No problem with that. Everything is functioning great - no problem.

I gave the 8 MIDI tracks meaningfull names, so it is obvious what every track does. So far - so good.

The problem arises when I drag a MIDI file from Stylus to an MIDI track. The MIDI is imported nicely, but the track name changes to the name of the MIDI file. As an example: The MIDI track name is “Cabasa”, but after draggin the MIDI file with the name “86-Sandpaper”, the track name changes from “Cabasa” to “86-Sandpaper”. Needless to say that this is not what I had in mind. I just want the track name to stay fixed at “Cabasa”

At first it is just a bit annoying, but after a while -when working with chaos variations- it becomes really a hindrance. I have searced through all default settings and the manual to find a way to preserve the naming of the MIDI track when importing an MIDI file, but could not find an answer ho to do this.

I am almost sure I have just looked over it and will feel realy stupid if the answer turns out to be extremely easy. However - I admit I really cannot find it. Does anyone here how to do it?

Hmm… seems I am not the only one that has no answer…

It turns out to be that what I want is not possible then. A bit strange, because in other DAW’s it’s just a setting. I could not imagine in Cubase that was not the case.

Oh well - you live and learn I guess…

I have posted about this before this before though maybe worded slightly differently. In my case using Toontrack products and wanting to drag MIDI grooves from the VSTi into the project to build up a rhythm track.

Depending on the MIDI preferences either a new MIDI track is created each time or the one track changes it’s name to the name of the MIDI file being dropped on it.

Maybe we need a feature request for locking the MIDI track name regardless of what’s being done.