Keep tracks using sounds which will expire

I am using the Stay Home Elements Collection at the moment. I have 60-day access to various instruments such as Halion full version (I usually only have Halion SE). I am using some of the sounds from Halion in a project, but I assume that after 60 days when I open the project those instruments will not play (if they aren’t in Halion SE). I can’t afford the upgrade, so how can I preserve the integrity of my project? I want to keep the same sounds in my project.

As a workaround, I was thinking of exporting the individual Halion tracks as .wav files after I am finished all arranging and processing. Then I could re-import the audio files as .wavs and remove the original instrument tracks, leaving only the audio. In theory, it would sound the same, right? If not, I could re-mix the project to get it to where it was before. Would this be an effective way to do it?

Or is there a better way?


If you want to be sure, you are using HALion Sonic SE sounds only, uninstall the whole HALion library and install HALion Sonic SE library (and instrument) only. Once the HALion license is over, the instrument will not be replaced by HALion Sonic SE.

Yes of course, you can export the tracks to the WAV. It will sound the same.

Or you could avoid all that exporting/importing busywork by using Render In Place



Or you could avoid all that exporting/importing busywork by using Render In Place

Can you use Render in Place for multiple tracks simultaneously?

Sure! Just select all the MIDI parts that you want to render.

I assume that it’s best to do this after all the processing and arranging is finished. So that the rendered audio sounds as you want it to sound?

It depends… When you have your wav files rendered, you can not go back. I usually prefer to maintain some freedom for the mixing stage (I render the dry signal of the VSTi only, without any effects).

Agree. In general (always exceptions for specific circumstances) rendering early and dry will give you the most flexibility later on. If you render a VSTi without effects or even level adjustments, just getting a good signal down, then that is pretty analogous to making an audio recording of a hardware synths audio output.

Great! Thanks everyone. I will use the Render in Place function and experiment with using dry or wet signals.