Keeping CB 7 Installed After Upgrading To CB 7.5

Just wondering if anyone who already is using CB 7.5 will take the time to download the last CB 7 update, 7.0.7 when it is released in Jan 2014?

For me… 7.5 is working better (and has improved features) than 7 and I was able to finish the last few projects I had created in CB 7 in CB 7.5 with no problem. So why would I even want to keep 7 on my PC when it looks like all of the projects created in 7 can be worked in 7.5?

Are there any advantages of even keeping CB 7 installed after installing 7.5?

Pros/cons/other thoughts… Thanks

I had kept 6.5 while using 7, just in case.
When I upgraded to 7.5, I decided to uninstall 6.5.
Since I had “upgraded” to 7, and then “upgraded” to 7.5, I discovered that there were things all were sharing. And suddenly both 7 and 7.5 had problems.
Slowly, step by step, I reinstalled things the program was saying it couldn´t find, looking them up in my 6.5 installation disk.
My conclusion, or advice, is: first make sure to download the FULL 7.5 installer available here. This is bigger, obviously, because it includes the stuff the upgrade is using from the previous versions.
Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can correct me, but if I were to uninstall 7.0, I would then run the full 7.5 installer again, to make sure it has all it needs.
I hope my experience is of help.
Warning: I am not an expert!

Aloha guys,

From my POV why not keep them all?

They don’t take up a lot o’ disk memory, and all long as they do not conflict
with each other I will keep them all.

Now have C5.5—>C7.5 working and I’m ‘keeping my babies’.


Pumafred & curteye all good points. I guess we should update to 7.0.7 when it is released in Jan 2014. Right?