Keeping each project's buffer settings

Hi, I am wondering if there is a way to keep each project’s buffer settings as saved with the project.

I am using an RME AES32 interface and I am normally with the lowest settings for recording sessions and higher for mixing.
But I am switching between the two all the time and I need to readjust my settings each time.
So if my settings could be maintained within the session would be a real help for me.
Any changes that there is such an option?

Tagging it as a feature too in case there isn’t, can edit later.

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Pretty sure this can’t be done. The buffer value is always controlled by the software for an Audio Interface and every manufacturer’s setup is different. Even if Cubase could set (i.e. hack) the value for RME, the method would be different for Focusrite, and different again for UAD, and different for…

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Cmon there got to be a way! :grinning:

What if only the values where stored so we are informed on startup and in case they don’t match we got a popup of interface’s control panel.
Like the one we get when we hit the “control panel” button on ‘studio setup’ to adjust the settings.
And an option to ignore the mismatch, “don’t ask me again”, for the guys that don’t care.

Most of the times I don’t even remember the actual settings. I am just slowly moving up when out of power. But it’s not the same for every project.

There got to be an alternative to this. Am I the only one thinking that it would be usefull? :thinking:

No. Im also think it would be useful.

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I think a keyboard shortcut to the control panel would be nice. It would be great if that could be assigned to the keyboard, or even a n extra button on the transport. That way of I want yo change to 64 I can do that quickly and then revert back to 2048 for mixing.

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