Keeping little bits of info organized

The other day Windows Sticky Notes started misbehaving and the solution turned out to be resetting the app, which also deletes all the current content. Well I was using a lot of sticky notes scattered across 4 monitors keeping track of all sorts of things; sweet-spot settings, synth sounds that might be good for something someday, account names, you get the idea. I didn’t loose any info 'cause cut & paste into Word (fun!), but it got me thinking about the best way to organize all the little bits of info. So I was wondering what other folks do?

For Project specific stuff I use the Cubase Notepads. I thought maybe OneNote might be useful but it requires you to log into your MS account online and that just ain’t happening on a regular basis from this DAW. The Sticky Notes served the purpose - and might be all that’s needed, but I’d like to hear how others approach this?

I personally sparsely use sticky notes because I know it’s stored locally and can be deleted just like that? It depends on what you want? … Do you want to keep this information local or do you want it automatically to save into the cloud? And if you surely don’t want to use Microst Onenote… do you object on using Google?

I use OneDrive for docs and files. I work in different studios as well as home so to me it’s the more convenient option. All of those DAWs need to be connected online anyway for other file transfers so I typically log into my MS account as I’m loading up the project/session. That way everything is available within a browser window no matter where I am; email, calendar, contacts, cloud storage etc.

I suppose I could use my smartphone for it all but I just don’t care for looking at a small screen if I can use a bigger one…

Personally I have no need to access the info remotely or put it on the cloud. That said, this thread shouldn’t be limited to my specific needs - rather a look at all the possible approaches.

The only reason I didn’t try OneNote was it needing to log into MS Windows account. Generally I never have any of my PCs log into Windows online except when there is no other option, like to access the store. OneNote would have forced me to always log on from my DAW. The old OneNote could be used locally, but not anymore.

One of the attractive features about Sticky Notes is that they are just there - nothing to click or open, just glance up and see it.

This a thousand times for everything

So true! :slight_smile: and I feel completely the same way!

But data wise…It usually depends on the smartphone you use? I use Android (Google) so for stuff like this I use Google drive or ‘Keep’ (this is like sticky notes but online). It works for me and the partners I work with. But even for yourself, keeping it online prevents me from loosing anything! I for instance also make a daily backup of my complete project folder to Google drive (Among other things I would hate to live without). If my house burns down (God forbid!) I will always have access to this vital information I put online?

Think of it this way? Whatever disaster happens? You can always buy a new computer afterwards. But if you don’t have the data you used before you’re basically f*ked! So think about this! It’s not complicated and could be a real lifesaver if needed?

Google (drive) comes standard with 15GB of storage. You can buy more storage if you want? But for my current situation it’s sufficient!

iPhone uses a similar option?


I save bits and pieces of all kinds of info in Windows Notepad then sort and save those in different, relevantly named folders, “Notepad Cubase” and “Notepad YouTube” addresses for example, then save those inside a main “Notepad Stuff” folder. That can then be saved anywhere you like with a shortcut placed on the desktop or/and the Taskbar.

Works for me…