Keeping old versions (CUBASE AI LE 9 + 11 and migrating properly to Cubase 12 Elements

I have recently reinstalled windows, and replaced C drive. I originally have had Cubase AI LE 9, (from a UR 12 purchase) and I upgraded to Cubase Elements 11 a couple of years ago. Until recently, I had in the elicenser (both Cubase AI LE 9 + Cubase AI LE 11 Elements listed as the software). I now have done a ‘reactivation’ process of software so can ensure my Cubase 11 Elements software runs. which is well and good but it only says ‘Cubase Elements 11’ in the Elicenser software listing. Is this normal?

I have a download option for Cubase AI 9 in the ' downloads section.

However, as I am exercising precaution I just want to know that if I elect to upgrade to Cubase Elements 12 (will that preserve the AI LE feature) or will it move entirely away from any of my previous versions?

I am not sure what value the AI LE feature would add to my software features, but it is just a precaution, so you can tell me what I should need to do, if anything, if at all necessary to preserve the older features of my products, if it matters at all I am not sure.

It may be that once I go to Cubase 12 there is no longer any connection to AI LE, is that correct and my product would become Cubase Elements 12? Is that correct.

As it is currently I have listed in the product downloads section of “Steinberg download assistant” 1. Cubase AI 11 . and + 2. Cubase Elements 11

So it seems it is installed anyway based on the downloads, and name of the software on my program files i think!.

Can I just add, I know it will be $29 NZD to upgrade to Cubase Elements 12, please note I had a conversation back a bout a year or 2 ago about my being provided with a email advertisement for a $10 dollar discount. I went through the activation process, and it asked me to pay the normal price, and even through I applied the code, I never got the discount, and there after I communicated to Steinberg about it and I was never given the refund, I never really worried about it too much, however based on principle, Steinberg di communicate to me that they would refund it, and never did, by the time I get all this Cubase 12 upgrade stuff sorted out, I think I might take up the opportunity to chase up that $10 discount I was supposed to have. Perhaps rather than a refund, it might work out better getting a personalized discount code again to apply to the upgrade? Let me know what your thoughts are.

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My thought is that you should put this in the Cubase section of the forum, as this part of the forum is for hardware.
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Cubase Elements has all of the features from Cubase AI and Cubase LE. Once you update to Cubase Elements 12, you’ll be able to continue using Cubase Elements 11, but keep in mind that Cubase 11 still uses the old licensing system.

Hey Romantique,

Thanks for the reminders. Seems all well to migrate to steinberg licensing, there are reasons to do so earlier rather than later, due to the discount of the update avail till early Oct.

I will see about moving topic to cubase, section, just been away from my normal pc for a while and my patience grows a bit thin on other devices that are not my normal devices like my pc to do that, So I’ll see about that.

Also good to know that older version (ie Elements 11 will be available, but it’s wise to know it is only through elicenser, as opposed to Elements 12 on stenberg’s licenser.