"kein AC" when trying to enter download code

Getting this “kein AC” error when I enter my download code in my steinberg.

Support thinks this may be the back end license server problem.

Is anyone else seeing this? I’m able to run maintenance tasks in eLicenser again now, so seems like some of the back end system is working.

I don’t want to wait for ages retrying if the error is something else.


Has nobody seen this? It keeps making me change my password as well. Making me wonder if kein AC means no account.

Seeing the same thing.

Yeah I’m thinking this is a support call, not a back end server unavailable thing. I can run eLicenser maintenance ok now, and can enter a USB elicenser fine, just get kein AC when I enter my download code.

Maybe some problem when they issued it.

I am getting the same error.

I wrote a reply, but it didn’t show up. Maybe there is a delay since I haven’t posted in some time.

Yeah, seeing the same thing. Got it to download using download manager but the activation / Download code seems to have the wrong number of digits for activation… and doesn’t work in my steinberg… kein AC

I submitted a ticket about it. Suggest everyone else do as well. I think they had some problems linking the shop to activation and issued a bunch of codes the activation system doesn’t know about.

I am also getting the same error. Earlier, there were also failures when performing maintenances with the eLicenser.

Hello from Florida. Yes I am having the same problem. I thought it was just me! I hope they sort this out soon. Might be time to revisit how the security stuff.

Same problem here. Kein AC error on website, wrong number of digits for eLicensor.

I think we’re supposed to enter the activation code on the Steinberg Download Assistant but afaik that’s not working also atm…

My guess is that the Download Access Code is designed to be fed to the Download Assistant, which then Generates an Activation Code that is fed to eLicense Control Center behind the scenes to Activate the Product.

And it feels like whatever server the Download Assistant Connects to is offline, so we get the error.

“kein AC” seems like a translation for “Not an Activation Code” or “Invalid Activation Code.” It isn’t an Activation Code. Apparently, those are generated when you input the Download Access Code into Steinberg Download Assistant.

This is why it is the wrong number of characters when people try to feed it directly into eLCC, and why they get the error message about the eLCC version being too old.

The Download Assistant is erroring out immediately, which is not typical behavior if a server is congested. Usually the connection times out, which causes an error. This is acting as if the server isn’t even online. It errors out within a second or so of you pressing “OK.”

Same here, same error

Can’t enter Activation Code, says eLicenser is too old even though it’s the latest

Running recover does nothing, even after trying 20 times.

Maintenance runs through all steps fine

Go to my My Steinberg Products, try to enter Activation Code, get “klein AC” error

If I try to enter my activation code in the Download Assistant, I get error-code ‘dre-417’

What a mess and super frustrating

This seems correct and if so utterly inappropriate in a big release like this…

Yep. This is why the eLCC started working again. They basically stopped people from hammering the eLCC servers by stopping them from generating Activation Codes with which they can hammer it with :stuck_out_tongue:

My guess is that it will be impossible to activate new Cubase Pro 11 Licenses (or Updates) until the people in Steinberg [Germany] get to work and deal with the problem.

Yep, it (download assistant) errors out immediately.

Some of us use this as a work tool to make a living with hard deadlines, I would hope that the IT guys are hard at work solving this issue promptly. Unable to revert back to 10.5 Pro and stuck with the aforementioned activation error. Hoping for a quick solution, I’m sure Greg will love the next chat.

My activation code\download access code (that’s what it’s called in the email) actually worked in the download assistant earlier today. I was able to download all the product. I was surprised it downloaded so fast too. I installed Cubase and was going to open it, but then I remembered you had do stuff in the elicenser. So I went to the elicenser and it wanted to the maintenance and it kept failing on 2 steps. Then I tried to enter the “activation code” but it was too short and the elicenser said the version was too old. So I updated to the latest version. Still no good. Same problem. Somebody said that the download assistant was suppose to generate a second code, but it didn’t as far as I can tell. Then I thought maybe I was suppose to go to my account and enter it there. But after a wait I got the “kein ac.” I also tried to go back to the download assistant and re-enter the code hoping that it would generate the second code. But when I tried that I got the error-code ‘dre-417’, So I gave up and created a support ticket.

There appears to be a significant update to the authorisation system as well as the elicenser and release of C11. You no longer seem to get an Activation code, instead a ‘Download Code’ which is used in the DLA to get an activation code and then use this to load into the elicenser.
The download code appears to be broken in some way, I get the same error as others when trying to enter it in the DLA.
The error is ‘dre-417’, which is not particularly insightful.

same here guys. I opened a ticket to Steinberg.