Kensington track ball issues with Cubase 6

Does any body else use a Kensington Expert Mouse track ball with Cubase 6 on Mac Osx 10.6.8. Mine is very jumpy when scrolling vertically. I’ve been using Kensington trackballs for over 10 years and never had any issues. It works perfectly fine in both Pro Tools and Logic as well as every other app on my Mac. But in Cubase it’s terrible. Is there anyway around this?

I have a kensington orbit trackball which has a scroll ring. It works just fine for me, although I’m on PC.

Thanks. I’m wondering if it’s an issue on the mac version of cubase. It seems like its just scrolling way to fast but its perfectly fine in every other app. Horizontal scrolling is fine as well its just vertical scrolling that’s so jumpy.

I like the trackball thing, too, but I use the cheaper Logitech version and I am PC, too. If there is no reaction from Steinberg, try swapping for a Logitech. Just go buy one and keep the receipt, take it home and see if it behaves any differently. I think they are $30. If it does, then you have an answer of sorts.

Q: After you loaded the C6 program, did you put your trackball through the trackball setup paces? If you haven’t done this then you might want to try it. With Windows, I can let Windows take a run at it or load the Logitech sotware and Logitech driver. The Logitech driver was needed here, MS isn’t into trackballs. For that matter, did you load the Kensington driver?

Drivers are current. No issues at all other than with Cubase. Scrolls perfectly in Pro Tools and Logic but not in Cubase. I may pick up a cheaper one next week just to see what happens.

I use mine without drivers either, just plug and play :confused:

I’ve been using MS trackball for years :slight_smile: in fact windows update just had new drivers for it.


Well, XP here so I will assume Win7 is a bit hipper. Good to know. In XP I needed the Logitech driver/+ setup program to define what I wanted the controls to do and at what speed. XP did/does offer a driver for the trackball, just not with all the options, FWIW.

Yes, Si,Oui,Aloha D,

Until recently (the last year or so) I have never used
anything but a Kensington trackball.
I started using one in 1993 and have never used a mouse.

Over the years I have tried many input devices
but nothing could touch the trackball.

Then came Cubase 6 and ‘Snow Leopard’ and things changed.
Vertical scrolling was now unmanageable and counterproductive.

I tried some 3rd party software but there is not much out there
and what is, does not help with vertical scrolling in C6.

Keeping in mind that Kensington is now selling a new trackball and
is not updating older drivers.

Yes those older T-balls do ‘work’ with OSX… but barely.

So I thought about getting a new Kensington trackball but
I first went to try out Apple’s new TrackPad.

Well after 18-19 years of trackball use. I now use a trackpad.
After all these years I have finally found a replacement for
the ‘Mighty Kensington TrackBall’

There are of course some trade-offs (I miss having those handy buttons)
but IMHO the the advantages win out.

It takes ‘a minute or two’ (YMMV) to get used to all those ‘gestures’
but once you do, using the trackpad is like playing an instrument.

Which ever way you decide to go, (or stay)
either the new Kensington TrackBall or
Apple’s TrackPad, looks like an upgrade is needed.

C6/10.6.8/ Kensington Expert Mouse/vertical scrolling
IMHO don’t mix very well.


I just started using the mac trackpad after the Ball Mouse too. My issue is that I can scroll no problem but using the 2 finger spread command does not stretch the arrange page like it does in Logic. Any ideas?


Aloha J,

That’s probably because Logic is an Apple programme and
has been tweaked for ‘Multi Gestures’ etc.

As a 3rd Party developer Steinberg/Yamaha has yet to implement
those features in Cubase.
They probably will in a future up-date/grade.


Windows 8 will have ‘Metro’, so those GUI features will also have
to be considered in future Cubase releases.

‘Choice…the problem is choice’… —neo :slight_smile:

Ahhhh ok … I was not sure if I was missing drivers or something. It will be fantastic when the multi gestures and integrated window management comes to Cubendo!
Cheers and Ty … J/