Kernelbase.dll crashing Cubase

I have an issue that I can’t seem to get to the bottom of. When I try to open a certain project in Cubase 11 it crashes whilst loading. Older versions of the project open fine, as do other projects. After the project has crashed and I re-open Cubase I get the ‘safe mode’ options box which points to a file called kernelbase.dll, which it looks like is a Windows system file.

If I disable 3rd party plugins then open the project it loads fine, so I started to remove plugins from my vst plugin folder until I found the culprit, Kontakt. With Kontakt removed the project loads ok but this is odd as other projects that also have Kontakt in load just fine as well. I’ve tried re-installing Kontakt but no joy.

Its very strange as it seems isolated to this one project with kontakt but not others.


Do you have the latest version of Kontakt installed?
Can you post the .dmp file here?

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Hi, yes latest version of Kontakt. I tried to add the .dmp file but its over the 4mb upload size limit. I have a dropbox link here:

I am no expert in the subject, but looking at the .dmp file, it does look like Kontakt is the offender. Possibly in conjunction with MSVCP.
Here’s the stack at the time of the exception:

I noticed your Windows is not running the latest version. Could you try and update your Windows?
I would also uninstall any/all MS Visual C++ Redist. and re-install them.

How to uninstall/re-install MSVCP
  1. Press Win + R
  2. Type “appwiz.cpl” and press Enter
  3. Select and uninstall any Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables 2015 and higher (both x86 and x64) >
  4. Go to Latest supported Visual C++ Redistributable downloads | Microsoft Docs to reinstall the 2015 - 2019 Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables x86 and x64.

Are you using HiDPI with any scaling settings?


Thanks! Yes it definitely seems related to Kontakt but I’m not sure where the kernelbase.dll fits in or why its only this project that has the issue when other projects also use Kontakt.

I’ve run Windows update but its saying its up to date. I’ll try the re-install of MSVCP.

I’m not aware of running anything HiDPI, I have two monitors (both 2560x1080) running at native resolution. I’ve not changed any scaling settings for Cubase.

Kernelbase would be the recipient of the exception thrown by VCRuntime.

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I’ve tried the re-install of the MSVCP but no joy with the Cubase project. I only reinstalled the 2015 and later ones but there are quite a few older than that.

I’m wondering if there is an issue with the kernelbase.dll file. From this MS help article.

I’ve been following the section on registering the kernelbase.dll file but it throws up an error:


The guide recommends replacing the kernebase.dll file from another computer. I’ve tried to do this from my laptop but when I try to replace the .dll file I get a message saying the ‘destination folder is access denied’ with an option to try again or cancel the action.