Key and scale finder?

Just wanted to know if there is any feature like this in Cubase by now.
A keyfinder tool would speed up my workflow. For me it would be sufficient, if I could select a bunch of midi notes, and cubase would give me a list of possible keys and scales that contain the given notes (maybe sorted from easy to more complex keys and scales).

Or is there some midi plugin, that can do that maybe?


Hi Sven,

No, there is not such a function. But Cubase can display the name of the current chord in the Status Line of the KeyEditor. And you can also create a Chord Symbol from selected chord. Then, if you have more Chord Symbols in the Chord Track, the Chord Track will display the Scale. But it’s not an automatic function.

You can also change the note coloring in the Key Editor from the default “Velocity” to “Chord Track.” If you put a scale and/or chords in the Chord Track the notes in the Key Editor will be different colors - chord & scale, scale but not chord, chord but not scale, and neither scale or chord.

Here’s an online scale finder

Thank you for the online tool! That’s basically what I need, however it would be such an ease if I could select a bunch of notes directly within Cubase, and it gave me a list of possible Keys / Scales…