Key and time signature


I’m working on a big score where I use a lot of flows. Is there the possibility to show the new key and time signature at the end of a flow , to announce them for the new flow ?

Thank’s for help


It’s certainly possible but not without workarounds… What I’ve done is add an extra bar, input key signature and meter, then in Engrave mode >Note spacing sub-mode, shorten drastically the length of that bar (it has to be done independently in the score and in the parts), and in Notation options, make sure the last barline is invisible (or none, I don’t remember the exact word). Hope it helps!

Hi Marc thank’s for your explication on that, but I don’t understand exactly . . .
I think for this Score it’s to many "risky"work to do. (32 Flows.)

Best wishes


There’s no risk, I’ve done this on a 20-flows-project and it has behaved as expected. You can try it on a copy of your work if you’re not too confident (or send it to me in private message, I can do it for you, it’s really not long to do)

Hi Marc

very kind of you.
I want to trie it by myself, but I don’t understand youx explication on how to do it