Key change at end of flow (system)


I’m learning dorico by making my own version of Burgmuller op.100 25 etudes. In nr 14 there is at the end of the last bar a da capo followed by a key change. Is it possible to add the key change after the double bar? I don’t know if it is possible at this time. Of course, I could copy the whole passage after this last bar, but as a learning process it’s good to know all the possibilities of this marvelous program
burgmuller 14 ending.png
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Unfortunately if that really is the last bar of the piece, you can’t currently add a key signature there. If, on the other hand, the piece continues onto the next system, then creating the key signature at the start of the next system will cause a cautionary key signature to be shown at the end of the previous one, just as you show in your picture.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for clearing this out. It is indeed the end of the piece (flow). I have seen this also in jazz lead sheets. Is it possible in near future to have control over such a feature…?

Thank you for the time you’r taking to answer all of these questions, it is much appreciated.

I’m afraid it’s probably not going to be possible in the near future, but we certainly do want to take into consideration how to handle reminders of things like changes of clef, key, and time signature when repeating back to an earlier part in the flow in due course.

Has there been any development on this feature?

I have a different requirement for the same feature. Namely, in the musical I’m notating, a song is split into several parts, each requiring a new flow (new title, different singers, etc.). Since these flows are segues, each end with a double bar line and some need a cautionary key signature and/or time signature at the end of their respective flows.

I thought I managed to achieve this a few weeks’ ago, but now I can’t seem to do it without another bar being inserted at the end of the flow.

No, there’s no way to do this using multiple flows. I wonder whether in your case, Ted, you could consider using a single flow? You could still insert titles etc. by having text frames interspersed between systems, just superimposing them on top of the music frames if need be.

I would still like to use flows for organisation and not for ad hoc notational choices. It is a pain in a set of things, to have two in one flow, because then you have to fudge titles. Also a pain to have to split flows just to avoid cautionaries. I realise that requiring a cautionary at the end of a flow is not straightforward and would need to take into account re-arrangement of flows.
The philosophical decision to avoid show/hides (for some things) really spoils the intuitive organisational use of flows.

Just thought I’d chime in on steveparker’s comments on this. When, say, a flow is marked attacca into the next, it would be great to be able to announce a new key signature at the very end of the first flow – and to be able to do so without workarounds. I realise of course that there is a software programming side to this with complications I don’t know the first thing about.

I’d wager to guess that the team sees the value in this and will eventually implement it. The whole genius behind flows would be undermined if they never work this option in (even if down the road).

Still no news in this thing?

Uwe, you can see in the Version History PDF an exhaustive list of everything we have added. There are no secret features in Dorico 3.0 that we have chosen not to document. If you don’t see in the Version History, then there’s no news. I believe you know this already.

Daniel, you have added so many things in 3.0 that it is possible to overhook some details :slight_smile:
And because I just needed this feature I made a quick search in the forum - sorry.

Meanwhile a workaround for this thing: add at the end of the flow a dummy bar and move it with a frame break on the next page (and don’t print this page).

Dear Daniel,
The fact that we can now save scripts is not documented in the Version history… :wink:

My hunch is that scripting is possible, but not yet officially supported. I know it doesn’t work 100%.

Yep, we experienced that with the filtering note by pitch thread… But I’ve been using it extensively to start slurs at the end of ties (one action instead of three in the properties panel) and end slurs at beginning of a tie chain and it does work :slight_smile:

You know there are global options for those, right, Marc?

Yes, Leo, of course I know! But then I would have to change them the other way round… :wink: Now everything is fast.

Thanks for reminding it to me, though. It’s still way faster this way :wink:

did anybody figured out a workaround to have key change at the end of a flow? I have a big work with multiple movements which goes attacca, and it would be great to be able to show the key change at the end of a flow.


Well yes. Add a bar, put your new key signature, remove all rests and use the note spacing tool to shorten it the right amount. And of course, set the Notation options > Barlines so that the last barline of that flow is invisible.