Key command controller

I thought about asking this in the hardware forums, but since the Steinberg/- non Steinberg question (proprietary hardware) is still open, I am taking the liberty here.

Looking for a compact desktop controller that does nothing but offer many buttons assignable to key commands. I find that toggling many cycle locators within one file exceeds what Alphatrack and ContourShuttle have to offer in terms of assignable keys.

I see Steinberg is offering a cmc iteration with loads of pads, but those are just percussion controllers, right?
C8 pro, win8.1 64

Thank you.

and to narrow it down further, no other controls/functions (faders, pads or the like), minimal footprint on the desktop estate.

approaching this from a different angle now, i do have an old 2 octave keyboard (m audio ozone) that offers keys galore for my markers, but can I set up Cubase so as to receive the key command shortcuts from that keyboard and NOT from the master keyboard that is triggering the music from the VSTis?

Ozone connects directly to the PC via USB, the master keyboard goes midi into the RME9632. I am guessing some sort of filtering is in order here- just not sure how big a deal this is.

I recently came across something that might be like what you’re talking about.

Other than that, using keyboard modifiers (alt/ctl/shift/win/cmd etc.) allows for a large number of combinations.

the ones you linked to look great, much appreciated.

An iPad with iC Pro installed on it? Very useful remote control App.

I have a CMC-PD and I use it more for Key Commands that I do a drum Pad. The only downside is you must remember what key command you have assigned to each Pad/Button. Good value for the Money.

I have ICpro (android) but I prefer a dedicated hardware controller right now.

If you are saying that all the pads of the cmc-pd can be assigned to keyboard shortcut functions (something I have not managed with the Akai LPD8), then that could be the device I am looking for. The xkeys 24pad linked to above offers more keys, but is much more expensive (especially to ship to Europe).

Just checked the CMC PD tutorial video, it appears you can assign all 16 keys of bank 16 to random DAW operation within Cubase, would that work in other DAWs too, ie does the CMC have editor software that makes those keys assignable independently of Cubase?

Thanks for the input.

You can indeed assign Key Commands and Macros to the Pads on the CMC-PD. Its also does come with its own editor software and I believe it (as can the CMC-QC) can be used in other DAWS! For the money its a great little unit.

Any POS keyboard should be fine for this.

But you can use HID Macro to allow your PC to see different commands from multiple keyboards. Couple that with AutoHotKey and you can have as many dedicated keys as you want. Worked fine on Win 7 64 for me. Not tested it elsewhere…