Key command for channel strip in "channel settings"

As per title. Currently Show next Tab works in Inspector and Mix console. I don’t know if it was suppossed to work in Edit Channel Settings window as well, but it does not, but it would be quite useful if it did.

Version 10.0.50

When you open up channel settings there’s two tabs ; “channel strip” and equaliser". Could we have a way to select each of them by key command?


Bug? Feature? Who knows?

Thanks…I can’t get that link to work …

That link would send you to my own posted topic from february, but steve merged the topics, so it’s now useless.

Edit: I deleted the link.

Ah actually I’ve just seen that they’ve been merged.

Was your idea to have some sort of toggle as a tab? For me I’d prefer something that is absolute. Then I could set up my xkeys to got straight to it…

I don’t really have a preference. I just noticed that there exists a key command that allows us to navigate those “tabs”, and that it works in the project window, and in mixconsole left and right zones. But in channel settings… It doesn’t work at all.

As long as the functionality existed, I would be fine with an extra key stroke to change focus to the middle section (strip/equaliser tabs). Direct mappings would be even better.

Cool :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ve noticed the weird tabbing behaviour in the edit channel settings window. You can tab around to various sections but within that window but not between the channel strip and EQ.

Hopefully it’ll get added soon