Key command for "Make Unbeamed" isn't working

I’ve assigned “Beam Together” to / (which work as expected), so I tried to assign Shift-/ (or “?”) to “Make Unbeamed.”

It seems like it takes in Key Commands, but it doesn’t. I can right-click and Make Unbeamed, but the key command doesn’t work.

This issue is present for all projects.

Any advice? Thanks!

Shift+/ (?) is on my Notation Express shortcut map as “used elsewhere - don’t assign” for both Mac and Windows. It’s the default shortcut for End Hairpin in Write mode.

I use alt-B for make unbeamed (cmd-B is Beam together)
You have to cope with all the “impossible commands” along with the “used elsewhere” ones!

Just wondering why Dorico allowed me to assign it in the first place if it wasn’t permitted…

There are heaps of shortcuts you can theoretically asssign that simply won’t work. Some of them are down to Qt bugs, some of them are down to the operating system, some of them are Dorico factory defaults (that still won’t prompt a “this shortcut’s already in use” message). They vary between keyboard language, too. It would be a massive undertaking to identify them all. Trust me, I tried, and Daniel talked me out of it…

If I’m not wrong, you can assign the same command to different tasks; Dorico will prioritize depending on the mode you’re in and the selection. It doesn’t “overwrite” one key command with a repeated one. Maybe Dorico warned you, but still allowed it?

Fair point. I get a warning if I try to assign it here.

Just for fun I assigned ? to Make Unbeamed. It works in Engrave mode (where there isn’t a conflict), but it doesn’t work in Write mode (where there is a conflict). Solved?

Exactly. Dorico prioritizes where one function takes precedence. That’s why it allows key sequences even when they are already assigned.