Key command for Move End of selection to Cursor

Is there any way to move a start or end of selected note(s) or event(s) to cursor position?
If not, where is the best place to ask for this key command, because it’s extremely essential for editing faster.

AFAICS, the only thing that could be useful is the ‘Move to cursor’ option (Ctrl+L), right clicking on a selected note in the MIDI editor. Beside this, I see nothing, either in the key commands list or in an attempt to use the Logical editor, that could help.

Worth a Feature request, IMO, two added key commands :

  • Move event position to cursor (when cursor before the start)
  • Move event end to cursor (when cursor after the start)

Or something like that…


Hi Cubic.
I use it already
I’m migrating from Logic and adapting all my workflow in Cubase. Learned a few things to think different since is not the same daw, and Cubase ha so many great things.
But It think that for simple Midi editing tasks it’s missing a lot of simple but absolutely essential commands and routines.

For edit midi notes the start /end to cursor is so much necessary and 10x faster than do it by mouse.

Where can I ask for this and other implementations?

To give you the answer that you really need, one would have to know a lot more about how you work. What’s your use-case for a Move End to Cursor command?

Have you checked out the different snap rules- grid, grid relative, events, shuffle, cursor, and those combined?

Hi Steve. For sure I checked it and using them as solutions for this.
One of the main reason for asking this is ofr example ending some regions or notes at the same place and if you can do this with a key command is faster (at least for me)
Sometimes you just played some MIDI melody and you go check on the piano roll and for example you don’t have enough zoom to grab the end of some specific note because it was to short, and from the navigation you can select the note and use command locate to cursor and advance a quaver for ex and extend it til the cursor using the command extend note end to cursor (or event end to cursor) because sometimes is good for events on the arrange page too (much easier than grab a lot of times)

For sure we can, adapt the zoom, move the mouse til there and then grab, but then you are making more movements than the necessary.

I know tha DAWs are diferent and would love to accpet some suggestions to make that simple tasks easier and faster with cubase. Can you point me to some tutorial on be faster with this little midi edits?




I see what you’re saying. Have you worked with the Trim tool?

Never. But, as I try just now , I think I’ll never use it, because I prefer to do all possible edits by key commands. And as the trim looks like it made to cut, or short a event and not to extend it, didn’t solve my initial question.
To maybe what the trim do I do:
Navigate by quantize value and with the note selected use the command split at locator, and then, the last part becomes selected and then I just hit delete.
I think, that this kind of workflow put me safe when the things are lttle size on the screen. As you navigate in musical values, you has shure that you editing it right, and keep me off having to adjust zoom every time.
As I said, is more like the way I work, I’ll made a video to post here ASAP.
Thanks again Steve.

I understand. This is a valid feature request imo: a key command for

Move selection end to Cursor

Hi Steve.
In fact I think it could be.
Move region/event start to cursor
Move Event/region end to cursor.
Isn’t the selection

Why not just “extend selection to cursor”? Only one key command that way.

Hi Dmbaer, It’s a different thing.
I Need, for example, to extend midi note end to cursor, or midi note start, or region end, or region start, not the selection.

I’ll make some movie on Logic when I have time to explain the possibilities.

BTW, I have the option to move the selected object to cursor, this is one of the things that i use a lot, and one of the reasons that I miss the other options too.