Key command for paste articulation

Can anyone suggest a convenient key combination for Paste Articulation that doesn’t impinge on existing combos? (Convenient for a left hand on a Windows kb.) I tried Ctrl+Alt+V but it doesn’t work.

(So far, it is my favourite thing in Dorico 4; I’m using it all the time)

I made an alias for this one in the jump bar. Jump = j and pa for paste articulations. jpa

Thanks, I’ll give it a try

You can also assign a sequence of multiple keystrokes to a menu command. Notice that when you type a key combo in the “Press Shortcut” field, it shows a comma after it for a second, which means you can add another key (or combo).

This is a good way to add lots of keyboard shortcuts that are easy to remember. (And they are actually shown next to the commands in the menus, in parentheses.) For example, I have assigned (A, H) for “Hide Accidental”. You have to make sure your first keystroke isn’t used by another command, of course.

(@Lillie_Harris I am not finding any explanation of this in the User Guide. What am I missing?)

Yes it’s the difficulty finding other assigned commands that prompted me to ask.

The manual doesn’t go into detail about key command sequences, it focuses on describing the options available and how to e.g. assign key commands as a set of steps.

Yes, those are the two pages I found easily. But there is no mention of what the comma indicates, or any of the things I described above. I must have learned of them here in the forum. Is this the sort of feature power-users should learn only from each other (Apple-style)?

There’s an entry on my to-do list to review what descriptions we offer for “more complicated” key commands. But my to-do list is quite long I’m afraid, and there’s also a balance to be struck around information depth.

Thanks, that explains it! Best wishes.

It crossed my mind that it might be a job for an intern, compiling a list of all the commands associated with each key on the keyboard

You can already access this yourself, with the benefit of this method being it picks up your own local key commands.

My thought was for something the other way around, listing all the commands associated with V, for instance. I see that Alt+Ctrl+V, which is the combination I tried, is already assigned. Usually I use that particular command from the menu – tend to do most things that way rather than remembering keyboard shortcuts. But with paste articulation there’s a definite value (for me) in making an exception.