Key Command for "Play mode -> Set Tool -> Object Selection" does not work

Key command for “Play mode → Set tool → Object selection” does not work in Dorico 4

I tried it by assigning the following keys

  • s,
  • shift + s
  • c

None of them work.

I also assigned ‘l’ for ‘line’ and ‘d’ for ‘draw’.
‘l’ and ‘d’ work fine. Only the keys assigned to ‘object selection’ do not work.

How can I resolve it?
What about Dorico 5?

Dorico 5 here… and same problem.

I can get F13 to get the selection tool on my French apple keyboard, but F14 for Pen and F15 for Line have stopped working at some point, for some reason !

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Thank you for your reply!

To the Steinberg development team:
I am using “English: ABC - Extended” as the input source, and my keyboard is a built-in one on a MacBook Pro with Korean characters (in US layout, I think).

Now I use normal “English: ABC” as the input source, but the problem is still there.

Actually, what I called ‘ABC Extended’ is actually called ‘English ABC -Extended’, which is not a very fitting name except for the basic QWERTY. I meant English US or English UK, not ABC, which is useful for Eastern European languages (when you want to write Dvořák, Janáček, Martinů, Lutosławski etc.)

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Selecting a UK or US keyboard does not solve the problem. It is very strange that only ‘s’ does not work.

Tapping with two fingers (= left mouse button click) selects the “Object Selection”.

When using the trackpad on a Macbook, tapping the trackpad with two fingers (i.e. right-clicking) will select the “Object Selection” tool.

So it may not be a big problem if the “Object Selection” key command does not work.