Key command for resetting fader volume?

I want to set the fader volume of the selected channel to 0 with a single keypress. How can this be done?

Thanks in advance.


Ctrl+click resets any controller (so Volume fader too) to the default value.

Yes, it does. But I want to do this without the mouse, by pressing one key.

When automating on the fly, using a controller, I want to return the fader to 0 before punching out.

Then I’m sorry, there is no such a function. But you could make a settings for any dedicated MIDI Message (MIDI Note or a button). Would this work to your scenario?

Ok! It just might. How do I go about it?



Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this before… This will work only, if the MIDI Device will send value 100. So the MIDI Note Nr. XY, Value 100, or MIDI CC Nr XY, Value 100. But maybe, you can set the fix value on your MIDI controller.

In the Device Setup add a Generic Remote Device.

In the upper part define the MIDI Message, which you want to use to trigger the function.

In the lower part part set: Device > Mixer; Channel > Selected; Action > Volume.

I will try that. Thanks!