Key Command for Solo Editor


It would be nice to have key command for Solo editor ( Key/score/list etc.).


Key Commands > Edit > Solo


That works in project/arrange window and key editor and on my end it does work NOT in the score editor. I am using C10 on High Sierra.–CS

Confirmed here; does NOT work in score editor. Using Mojave.

Actually, We suppose it should work as it does in the key editor for consitency and not having the users to move from one editor to another. Some folks are using multiple monitors for this very reason.

I don’t see why Key editor have always improvement vs. Score editor? Score editor is gets not development. Is it because Dorico?

It is very handy for composers when it comes to working with arrangement with many instruments.

Two other things don’t work:

  1. Coloring events by channel, voices, etc ( as it works Key editor)
  2. Trim from left ( it works only in Key editor). This is very useful when editing.

Another thing that does not work: active dynamic markings pppp-ffff can be color coded in the palette via Preferences, however, the active crescendo and diminuendo marking doesn’t get. One cannot tell weather the latter is active or inactive.

I hope folks here also our hard working moderators take these as positive comments not as nagging.

I hope Steinberg see this.
Fixing/implementing above features help us write more efficiently.

Thank you again for your reply.